Location Transport minibuses Vehicles


Minibuses up to 16 seater. These can have rear seats removed to turn them into split vehicles. Ideal for crew and SA transport.
Location Transport unit-cars Vehicles

Merc e220

A variety of luxury chauffer cars, all fitted with aircon. Ideal to supply as unit cars.
Location Transport luton-van-1 Vehicles

Luton Vans

Ideal for camera vans and transporting all larger items to and from set.
Location Transport mercedes-benz_vito_114_bluetec_pro_8-seater_7g-tronic_standard_roof_minibus_35168071-1-e1602076599177 Vehicles

Merc Vito Van

Small minibuses and can also be used as unit cars. Ideal for recces and crew transport.
Location Transport 7.5tonne-e1601973275926 Vehicles

HGV Lorry

Ideal for camera vans and transporting all larger items to and from set.
Location Transport cherrypick-e1601973641606 Vehicles

Cherry Pickers

Variety of cherry pickers. Can be supplied with or without operators.

A Fleet of Vehicles for Hire

Location Transport have a host of premium quality vehicles for hire whenever you require our services.

As you will know film crews transport vast amounts of heavy and awkward size and shaped equipment which is why we have spacious and flexible options for you here at Location Transport.

We can transfer both teams and equipment to and from sets or to locations for a recce. We have minibus options, unit cars, Luton vans and even cherry pickers!

We ensure all our vehicles are immaculate inside and out, ensuring all cargo (passengers and equipment) are in safe hands and ultimate comfort.

All of our drivers have vast experience and, of course, all the necessary licenses and insurance to look after you, ensuring you arrive at your destination on time and are ready to start working on the production or location scouting. We will also ensure you leave at your desired time and get back to the return destination on schedule.

To find out more about our vehicles or any aspect of our service, give us a call on 07412 982 624. We’d be more than happy to talk you through all our options and organise your film and TV vehicle hire requirements.

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